Welcome to trading the currency of moral superiority

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But wait, there's more!

With $WOKE, you can:

– Pay for your oat milk lattes with a clear conscience.

– Invest in a currency that’s more stable than your unstable, woke beliefs.

– Support a token that promises to plant a digital tree for every meme shared (because who needs real trees when you have virtual ones?).

And for a limited time, if you prove that you’ve canceled at least three celebrities this month, you’ll get an exclusive airdrop of N95 masks. It’s like getting paid for being morally superior!

So join us on this journey of self-righteousness and financial speculation. Remember, with $WOKE, you’re not just trading cryptocurrency; you’re trading in the currency of moral superiority. Get ready to diversify your portfolio and your identity politics all at once!

Disclaimer: $WOKE is a parody token and should not be taken as financial advice. Always do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency, even those that promise to save the world one block at a time.

Are you tired of the same old cryptocurrencies that just don't align with your progressive values?

Built on the lightning-fast Solana blockchain, $WOKE is the answer to your socially responsible investing prayers. It’s the only currency that goes up in value every time someone apologizes for a problematic tweet from 2009. That’s right, we’ve harnessed the power of online outrage to fuel our blockchain!

Through our woke agenda we have decided to cancel rugs. We burned our LP to ensure a safespace for holders.

the most socially conscious, environmentally aware, and ethically superior cryptocurrency

disclaimer: disagree, ur a bigot.